2015 Submissions

Modigs - Champion's Road Experimental Song
Unique Dance Loop
Modigs - Microsoft Sam Dubstep Song
Modigs - Big Blue Drum N Bass Song
Modigs - Seventeen Dance Song
DX17 Miscellaneous Loop
Sea of blue roses House Song
Modigs - Megaman Drum N Bass Song
Modigs - Brinstar Dubstep Song
Modigs - Hero of time Video Game Song
Run Free Drum N Bass Song
Modigs - PRIME House Song
BLUR Classical Song
Strike back Dubstep Song
Hexahedron Dubstep Song
[M] Temple in the north Ambient Song
One small step Ambient Song
Science Ambient Song
Pixels VIP Dubstep Song
Mountains of sand Ambient Song
Modigs - 7 Ambient Song
Modigs - Coma Dance Song
Modigs - Link's awakening Dubstep Song
Expectations [TEST/DEMO] Ambient Loop
Modigs - One more time Dance Song
Modigs - White horse Dubstep Song
Modigs - Beatwalk [idea] House Song
Modigs - Twin Primes House Song
twin primes [ DEMO ] House Song
Megnetic Liquid Demoo Trance Song
Master Test 2012-02-20 Trance Song
Modigs - Another level Video Game Song

2010 Submissions

Sax Roll'd - Dubstep Dubstep Song